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The products are Americana, the convenience is contemporary, but the ambiance is American shopping as it was in a time before mega malls. It all can be found at the Village Shops our Main Street Business District of Americana goods and services. More


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Americana Links

MAY, 2012 - WHEN LAST UPDATED - We wanted to share with you some of the best of our old site (1995-2013). For an updated and up-to-date landing place, go to our landing blog, http://www.ericmodelsblog.com


Route 66

U.S. Route 40 - The National Road

The legendary "Blues Highway" in the Mississippi Delta

Lincoln Highway

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Natchez Parkway

The Garden State Parkway

Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike

Historic U.S. Highways - About old U.S. highways in California.

California Bridges

California Signing Page

Old New England Interstate Highway System

Historic Road Maps

Covered Bridges of Oregon

North American Highway Numbering Systems

Highway Signs (Moeur)- An extensive site by someone in the field.

Comprehensive Highway Signs and Markers Gallery - The source - highway markers for the fifty states, Canada, and abroad.

Mark O'Brien's Highway Page - Old sign photos and covers of state official maps.

Route Sign Pictures

List of "Dead" Counties

State Welcome Signs

Andy's Highway Kick-Off Page - A great source for all things related to roads. Among the many highlights are links to websites concerning various specific roads in the 50 states. Highly recommended.

Via Guide - Another great source for links to information about roads and more. Highly recommended.

Ghost Towns

SignalFan's Home Page - A site dedicated to pictures of traffic lights.

Jeff's Streetlighting & Highways Fanatic Page- Photos and everything you ever wanted to know about streetlights.

Kurumi SignMaker - Through this site you can make your own freeway sign, with real highway fonts and shield.




Diner City - A guide to America's diners and roadside architecture. Listings by state include maps and menus.

Chili Appreciation Society

Chili Lovers


Barbecue'n on the Internet - Tips, recipes & contests

Kent's North Carolina-Style BBQ Page - includes definition of North Carolina style barbeque, restaurant reviews and more.

Ice Cream Page

Ben & Jerry's

Dairy Science and Technology: Ice Cream

Fire Girl's Chile Pepper Wonderland - Tips on growing, cooking and eating red and white peppers.

The Wienermobile - History of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile since its launching in 1936.

The Official French Fries Pages

Macaroni & Cheese

The Popcorn Board - From history to popcorn poppers and nutrition to crafts, everything and anything about popcorn.


Pecan Pie

Fried Green Tomatoes







Krispy Kreme Doughnuts



Petrolina - Where to find original old gas stations and collectibles from original old gas stations

Gas Signs



Motel Americana




Classic Car Source - Info and links about classic cars and auto memorailia

National DeSoto Fan Club - All things DeSoto

Zany cars

Classic Mustang Page

Vaudeville Memories

Wurlitzer Jukebox- History, photos and more on this famous jukebox.

Original Old Time Radio - Programs from the golden age of radio

Vince's Old Time Radio Resource Page - Resources related to the collection and listening of programs from the golden age of radio (1920's-1950's)

It's Been A Long, Long Time - JAM's Nostalgia Page chronicling music and more from the 1930s-1905s

Popular Culture - Library collection chronicling American Popular Culture in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

American Folk - About people, folklore and American culture

Doo Wop Preservation Society - Strives to educate the masses on the popular culture of the 1950's and 1960's by means of artifacts, neon motels and the culture of the Jersey Shore.

Society for Commercial Archeology

A comprehensive source for an exploration of preservation efforts around the country. From Cornell University.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

National Register of Historic Places

American Presidents - A site complement to C-SPAN's 20th anniversary television series, American Presidents: Life Portraits.

The American Presidency - A set of articles on the president, presidency and American Politics from Encyclopedia Americana.


Historynet - A history source to provide context to your journey of discovery

The American Experience - Companion site to PBS's long-running historical documentary series.



Big Bands Data-Base

redhotjazz.com - A history of jazz before 1930

History of Rock & Roll

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum

Rockabilly Hall of Fame

Beale Street

Baton Rouge Blues

Blues Hall of Fame

The Delta Blues Museum

Cajun French Music Association

Country Music Hall of Fame

Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame


Grand Ole Opry

Renfro Valley

Gospel Music Hall of Fame

Western Swing

Dirty Linen Magazine (Folk Music)

Smithsonian/Folkways Records

Yodel Central




A site on Drive-ins -- With everything from histories to old ads and sample menus.

Theatre Organs

ReelClassics.com - The place to go for anything related to old films.

The Palace: Classic Film Site - Classic movie site also features articles on various topics (i.e. Blacklist).

Class Act: Those Golden Movie Musicals - Information about old movie musicals, including scores.

Silent Movies

Silents Are Golden

American Film Institute - Organization responsible for promoting and preserving classic movies. This site features their list of all-time top movies and stars.

Library of Congress Motion Picture and Television Reading Room


Cowboy Pal: Silver Screen Cowboys

Gone with the Wind

War Movies and War Propaganda




Aceonline - Official homepage of the American Coaster Enthusiasts

Defunct Amuseument Parks

Palisades Amusement Park Historical Society - A history of one of America's most beloved amusement park (Now the site of high rise apartments)



CircusWeb - Circus, history, lore, terms, organizations and performing groups.



Ballparks by Munsey and Suppes

Society for Baseball Research (SABR)



Classic Bus Depot - Pictures of old buses, models and books about buses for sale.

Motor Bus Society - Chronicles the history of buses.



railroad.net - Pictures, lots of links and chats on various aspects of railroads, present and past.

Railroad History - features a day in the life of a railroad worker. Old pictures, and historical information about those who helped build the railroads.

Railroad Maps: 1828-1900 - Collection of maps chronicles growth of settlement and the industry in the 19th century.



Tim's T.V. Showcase - Over 265 classic television programs profiled; links to networks and various television resources.


Paley Center for Media (Formerly the Museum of Television and Radio)



Outwest - An offbeat publication about unique people & places Out West.

The American West

Cyberwest Magazine

The Wild West

Cowboy Pal: Silver Screen Cowboys

New Perspectives On The West - Companion site to PBS documentary by Ken Burns and Steve Ives tracing the history of the American West. Photos, biographies, commentray and background materials.

Lewis & Clark - Companion to the PBS film,"Lewis & Clark: A Journey of the Corps of Discovery".




WWW Virtual Library - American Indians



The American South Home Page

Documenting the American South

The Center for Southern Folklore

Center for The Study of Southern Culture

Museum of the Confederacy

Strictly Southern

Proper Southern Manners

Center for Southern Literature

125 Greatest Southern Books

Test your Southern IQ



Civil War Photographs

Civil War Traveler

Abraham Lincoln Inaugural Address (1861)

Manassas National Battlefield

Poetry and Music of the War Between the States

Southern Comfort - History of Civil War with collection of battles

Ken Burns PBS Civil War

Where the Armies Fought




Yankee Magazine's New England.com



U.S. History Trivia

The History Channel: This Day in History

Also see "Games" section for additional trivia listings.



AMERISPEAK- A place to read about and share expressions that American ancestors have passed down from generation to generation.



American Literature



National Craft Association



Road Map Collectors of America

The American Highway Project (Photographic Documentation and Preservation of America's Vanishing Roadside Culture)

Listings of farmers' markets around the country

World's largest roadside attractions

Roadside Art - Links of interesting and unique sites

History of Ghost Towns

The Art of Southern Painters - A gallery of hand painted signs

Story Net

Forgotten New York - A New Yorker's site dedicated to the best of New York - much of it now lost or forgotten.

Fading Ad Campaign - A site dedicated to facade ads on the sides of N.Y.C. buildings.

Jvincent's Road House - All kinds of road signs

Minnesota's Larger Than Life and Other Strange Wonders - More than 300 entires complied between 1968-1995 by David W. Nystuen. On The site of the Minnesota Historical Society.

World's Largest Roadside Attractions

Ken's Collection of A&W Root Beer Mugs

Outhouses of America Tour

Chewing Gum History and Tins

Pez Dispensers


Radio Flyer Red Wagon


Lionel Model Trains

U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association - Official site for the sport.

Weather Vane Home Page

World Canals Conference - Contacts for canal interests.

Mississippi River Home Page

Chesapeake Bay Net



Andrew Sisters

Louis Armstrong

Gene Autry

Pearl Bailey

Irving Berlin

Sammy Cahn

Eddie Cantor

Hoagy Carmichael

Johnny Cash

Ray Charles

Roy Clark

Patsy Cline

Rosemary Clooney

Nat King Cole

Perry Como

Bing Crosby

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Dorsey Brothers

Ella Fitzgerald

Tennessee Ernie Ford

Stephen Foster

Aretha Franklin

George and Ira Gershwin

Benny Goodman

Woody Gutherie

Lionel Hampton

W.C. Handy

Emmylou Harris

Al Hirt

Billie Holiday

Mahalia Jackson

Harry James

Al Jolson

Scott Joplin

B.B. King

Peggy Lee

Johnny Mercer

Dean Martin

Ethel Merman

The Mills Brothers

Bill Monroe

Jelly Roll Morton

Muddy Waters

Willie Nelson

King Oliver

Minnie Pearl

Peter, Paul & Mary

Cole Porter

Elvis Presley

Jimmie Rodgers

Frank Sinatra

Bessie Smith

Bruce Springsteen

Mel Torme

Fats Waller

Doc Watson

Hank Williams

Bozo The Clown

James Dean

Marilyn Monroe

Abbott & Costello

Henry Aaron

Steve Allen

Mohammad Ali

Fred Astaire

Red Auerbach

Jack Benny

Lucille Ball & Desi Arnez

Lauren Bacall

Mel Blanc

Bob & Ray

Humphrey Bogart

George Burns

Johnny Carson

Hopalong Cassidy

Dick Clark

Ty Cobb

Gary Cooper

Bette Davis

Doris Day

Walt Disney

Howdy Doody

Kirk Douglas

Cliff Edwards

W.C. Fields


Henry Fonda

Glenn Ford

Clark Gable

Jackie Gleason

Ava Gardner

Judy Garland

Betty Grable: The Original Pin Up

Katharine Hepburn

Michael Jordan

Boris Karloff

Danny Kaye

Gene Kelly

Ernie Kovacs

Kukla, Fran & Ollie

Dorothy Lamour


Jack Lemmon

Jerry Lewis


Vince Lombardi

Joe Louis

Bela Lugosi

Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy

Fredric March

The Marx Brothers

Willie Mays

Mary Tyler Moore

Mighty Mouse

Kim Novak

Jesse Owens

Jack Paar


Gregory Peck

Rocky & Bullwinkle

Ginger Rogers

Roy Rogers

Rosalind Russell

Jane Russell Gallery

George C. Scott

Red Skelton

John Philip Sousa

Jimmy Stewart

Ed Sullivan


Gloria Swanson

Elizabeth Taylor

Shirley Temple

Jim Thorpe

Dick Van Dyke

John Wayne

Mae West

Casey at the Bat

Joe Jackson

Lou Gehrig

Jackie Robinson

Babe Ruth

Ted Williams

Joe DiMaggio

Hank Greenberg

Stan Musial

Johnny Appleseed

Alexander Graham Bell

Buffalo Bill Cody

Davy Crockett

Virginia Dare

Thomas Edison

Henry Ford

Charles Lindbergh

Annie Oakley

J. Robert Oppenheimer

Will Rogers

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The Wright Brothers

Louisa May Alcott

Emily Dickinson

Ralph Waldo Emerson

William Faulkner on the Web

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Shelby Foote

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Ernest Hemingway

Washington Irving

Jack Kerouac

Norman Mailer

Herman Melville

Ednay St. Vincent Millay

Edgar Allen Poe

Will Rogers

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

The Wright Brothers

Louisa May Alcott

Emily Dickinson

Ralph Waldo Emerson

William Faulkner on the Web

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Shelby Foote

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Ernest Hemingway

Washington Irving

Jack Kerouac

Norman Mailer

Herman Melville

Ednay St. Vincent Millay

Edgar Allen Poe

Will Rogers

Gertrude Stein

John Steinbeck

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Henry David Thoreau

James Thurber

Mark Twain

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Alice Walker

Eudora Welty

Edith Wharton

Walt Whitman

Tennessee Williams

Thomas Wolfe

Thomas Hart Benton

Mary Cassatt

Winslow Homer

Edward Hopper

Grandma Moses

Georgia O'keefe

Jackson Pollock

Frederic Remington

Norman Rockwell

Frederick Law Olmstead

Philip Johnson

Frank Lloyd Wright

Billy the Kid

Bonnie & Clyde

Johns Wilkes Booth

Al Capone

John Dillinger

Wyatt Earp

J. Edgar Hoover

Meyer Lansky

Bugsy Siegel

Clara Barton

Daniel Boone

Ralph Bunche

Clarence Darrow

Frederick Douglass

Thomas Jefferson

Barbara Jordan

Paul Robeson

Dr. Martin Luther King

Abraham Lincoln

Thurgood Marshall

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

George Washington


ABOUT AMERICA ON DISPLAY (Unique Museums and Museums Displaying Americana)

Air Force Museum

American Museum of Firefighting

Barbed Wire Museum

Bicycle Museum of America

The Candy Americana Museum

The Crayola Hall of Fame

The Delta Blues Museum

Ford's Theatre Musuem

Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village: Online Exhibits - A lot on cars and Americana


The Ice House Museum

The Judy Garland Museum

The Liberace Museum

The Merry-Go Round Museum

The Museum of Bad Art

The Museum of Independent Telephony

Museum of the Confederacy

The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum

The National Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum

The National Cleveland-style Polka Hall of Fame

National Dairy Shrine Visitor's Center

The National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

National Museum of Women's History

National Postal Museum

National Yo-Yo Museum


The Little League Museum

Old-Time Radio

Paley Center for Media (Formerly the Museum of Television and Radio)

Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum - Largest naval museum in the world, located in Charleston, SC

The Potato Museum

Rail Road Museum List

Smithsonian Institution

Toaster Museum

The Toy Train Museum

U.S. Space and Rocket Center


Windmill Collections

Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center


Adams Point Preservation Society - information of upcoming events, meetings, issues and more.

Andover Historical Society

Arlington Historical Society - owns and operates the 1740s Jason Russell House and the Smith Museum on Arlington history.

Army Historical Foundation - non-profit, tax exempt organization dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of the American soldier.

Beloit Historical Society - Wisconsin history including information on Lincoln Center, Hanchett-Bartlett Homestead, and Society events.

Bergen County Historical Society - promotes appreciation of local & NJ history. Campbell-Christie, Demarest & Steuben Houses, displays of Jersey Dutch folk art, antiques, architecture & indian artifacts.

Berkeley County Historical Society - dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of history in Berkeley County, West Virginia.

Bostonian Society - contains a library and museum, and provides exhibitions and programs for adults and children.

Brooklyn Historical Society - museum, library, and education center dedicated to illuminating the rich heritage of borough's diverse peoples and cultures, past and present.

California Historical Society - featuring an onsite bookstore and museum; includes local photos, historical publications, biographical clippings and more.

Camden County Historical Society - resource for those doing research on South Jersey history and genealogy.

Chicago Historical Society - Chicago and early Illinois history displayed in many exhibits and available to researchers.

Chicago Historical Bus Museum

Chinese Historical Society of America

Clayton Historical Society - home, town jail and other buildings have been converted into a museum.

Clearwater County Historical Society - A 1911 brick schoolhouse holds the main exhibits, with a log cabin, log school (first in county), railroad depot and other buildings also on the grounds. Also genealogical research.

Connecticut Historical Society - museum and library of CT and early New England history; genealogy research services.

Cranston Historical Society

Dallas Historical Society - collects and preserves the history of Dallas and Texas.

Falmouth Historical Society

Filson Club Historical Society - organized May 15, 1884, for collecting, preserving, and publishing historical material, especially that pertaining to Kentucky.

Fort Lauderdale Historic Society - history from the Seminole Indians to Spring Break.

Fulton County, Indiana - Historical Society

Great Lakes Historical Society - Great Lakes lore is told through ship models, painting, exhibits and collections of artifacts unique to the Inland Seas.

Heritage Society - Houston, TX - mission is to preserve history through restoration of historic structures, exhibition of historical artifacts and presentation of education programs.

Historical Society of Cecil County - operates a library and museum that promotes the county's history.

Historical Society of Delaware

Historical Society of Pennsylvania - an independent center for research in Pennsylvania's history and a genealogy center.

Hoard Historical Museum - Small museum in rural musuem also the site of the National Dairy Shrine Visitor's Center.

Humboldt County Historical Society - resource for Northwest Californian, West Coast, and Humboldt County history.

Illinois Historical Society - historical markers, centennial business, scholarships, publications, and special events.

Indiana Historical Society - independent, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, and promoting the history of the 19th state.

Italian Historical Society of America - outlining the achievements of Italians and Italian Americans throughout history.

Jamestowne Society - organized to discover and record the names of living descendants of early settlers who established the nation, and more.

Jewish Historical Society of Maryland - features programs and events, exhibitions, volunteer information, and more.

Kansas State Historical Society

Kennebunkport Historical Society - informing the public of the history associated with the area; from the shipbuilding industry to today's tourist industry.

Kennesaw Historical Society - meets at the Kennesaw, GA, Civil War Museum.

Kentucky Historical Society

Lancaster County Historical Society - genealogical and historical information in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Museum of Indian Culture

Lincoln Historical Society

Martha’s Vineyard Historical Society

Massachusetts Historical Society - founded in 1791 to collect, preserve, and make available to those needing them the basic materials of American history.

Mazomanie, WI Historical Society

Monroe County Historical Association

Montana Historical Society

National Japanese American Historical Society - Nikkei Heritage Online - historical and cultural organization driven by oral histories, exhibitions and publications.

Nebraska State Historical Society - preserves and interprets history of Nebraska with manuscript, photo, audio/visual, archeological, and museum collections.

New Hampshire Historical Society

New Mexico Jewish Historical Society - promotes the understanding and study of Jewish history in the Western United States.

New York Historical Society - museum collections and exhibitions, research library, archive and print room, programs, and store.

Newport Historical Society - contains information about the Society's collections, historic sites, educational programs, exhibits, and tours.

Oklahoma Historical Society - with archives, bookstore and educational links.

Old York Historical Society - explore three centuries of life in a coastal Maine village.

Organ Historical Society - international society for pipe organ history.

Palo Alto Historical Association

Richmond Hill Historical Society - complete resource of information on the origin and future of this NYC community in Queens.

San Diego Historical Society - with photos, postcards, stereoviews, journal articles, biographies, and stories.

Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society - descriptions and drawing of restoration projects, excerpts from "The Heritage Junction Dispatch."

Saugus Historical Society - non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and preserving all matter pertaining to Saugus history and cultivating an interest in the history of the town.

Shaker Heritage Society

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Maine - social, genealogical, and historical organization dedicated to perpetuating the memory of Colonial History.

South Carolina Historical Society - historical and genealogical information.

State Historical Society of Iowa

State Historical Society of Missouri

State Historical Society of North Dakota

Supreme Court Historical Society - dedicated to the collection and preservation of the history of the Supreme Court of the United States. Features a digital library of articles and books, and legal and constitutional history.

United States Commission on Military History - home for American military scholars interested in international military history.

Vermont Historical Society - museum and gift shop.

Virginia Historical Society - serves as the center for Virginia history, maintaining a museum and research library.

White House Historical Association - furthers the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the White House. It features a museum shop, trivia, and interactive games for children.

Yorktown Historical Society - fostering public awareness and pride in Yorktown's heritage